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Onepercent is a gpsl that follows the lives of the vicious members of the motorcycle club known as the devils jesters. we aim to be a laid back inclusive, tight-knit community that utilizes extras like discord, plot posts, game nights, and along with other writing centric activities. st. louis is an independent city and the cultural and economic hub of the greater st. louis metropolitan area. lately its been under siege as two bloodthirsty mc gangs battle over territory. for nearly seventy years, the devils jesters have ruled the city with an iron fist. nothing came in or out of the city limits without their stamp of approval. but within the last decade, the heretics, a club from northern illinois, has moved into town. within the first year, a brawl broke out downtown which left two jesters hospitalized and one heretic dead. from there, the city of st. louis has turned into a warzone. every day a new struggle arises. every night is a campaign to survive. are you ready to join the onepercent?

The main rules weve all come to know apply here: no godmodding anyones character without specific permission, always treat other members with respect, always keep OOC and IC separate. Just because you know something OOC doesnt mean your character automatically knows it.

Usernames should be IC and should not contain any underscores or numbers.

The character cap is currently set at 5. However, if you prove to can handle more (7 at the most) the mods will take it under consideration.

Pregnancies, marriages, divorces, deaths, or any other main plot should be written realistically. Babies take nine months to gestate and divorces dont happen overnight.

Cliques and/or any type of bullying is not permitted. We have a zero tolerance policy here at onepercent. However, please bring the mods proof, such as screenshots. The guilty members will be banned. Any cliquing behavior will be put to a stop.

Any trigger worthy material should be kept under an explicit warning. One which gives a brief explanation so others may avoid it. IE: trigger warning: mentions of abuse, trauma, drug use.

Activity checks will be once a month at the end of the month. You must be active in at least two scenes (with 6+ replies) or active in one scene and have one journal update or narrative, for your activity to count. If for some reason you're unable to meet your activity requirement for the month, please reach out to the mods and let us know. Hiatuses and slowatuses are allowed on request.

This is community about a motorcycle club. It will include dark and heavy themes such as violence, drug use, and illegal activity. Please be advised.

Please note if you join as an important role, such as an officer in the club, and leave without giving your character a proper exit, your character may be assassinated for plot purposes. This is nothing personal, we just want to maintain some semblance of realism in our community.

Joining is easy. All you need is a screened OOC post with a brief bio, explaining your characters history and personality, as well as their connection to the club. Please also include any important dates, such as the year they became a hangaround, prospect, patch, officer, whatever. Next you will need an IC post for messages, spam, and other IC related goodies. You may want to make a Discord if you dont already have one for OOC plotting, but this is not a requirement. Finally, please drop your application off here and your examples here!
Are there any limits on who can join the Devil's Jesters?
While we want to be welcoming of people from all walks of life we want to keep an element of realism as well. We here at one percent are allowing people of color and homosexual members as one of the founding members was homosexual and it is one reason why they began The Devils Jesters together.
What is a 1 percenter in a motorcycle club?
Some outlaw motorcycle clubs can be distinguished by a "1%" patch worn on the colors. This is said to refer to a comment by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens, implying the last one percent were outlaws.
What does it take to be an Old lady, can my character be one?
In order to be an old lady you have to go through extensive training to get the official title. Simply marrying or practically marrying a member of the MC is not enough. Not every woman is cut out for the role. In order to be an old lady you will have to work in an upstanding position, ie if your character is a stripper or porn star with intentions of keeping their job they are probably best suited for the role of sweetbutt. However if the character is the owner or operator of a strip club, porn studio, dispensary, etc they would be able to fulfill the role – if it suits their personality, of course.
What is a sweetbutt versus a house mouse?
A sweetbutt is a woman who is there for the pleasure of the MC members, while this is not limited to sexual favors nine times out of ten that is exactly what they are there for. They serve the purpose of instant gratification for these men. A house mouse is typically someone who lives with a MC member and works for him in a capacity similar to a live in nanny or maid. While sweetbutts run the entire age gambit, house mice are normally younger in age and most times are gearing up to become an old lady.
Is this a foreign language? I do not understand what is being said
We get it, it can be daunting when people are tossing out words like broomsticks and buddy pegs and you have no idea what is even going on. We find that this website is an immense help and hopefully it helps you along your way.